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Happy New Year everyone! It's been a while now since the website has launched in 2019 with no features just a landing page to showcase the game. Now January 5th, 2022 it's a great time to launch whole new looks for Bestvoxels website!


  • Blog System!

Now all the players can keep up with all the news here! Whether it's about the new game (Voxel Towns) development process or any other updates will be posted here.
  • Members Sign Up!

Not only viewing the blog news but can also comment and like the post! By signing up with us on the site!
  • Live Chat!

Every site visitor can now contact to ask simple questions through live chat and member who has signed up will also access members chat that allows chatting with other members!
  • Newsletter Email Subscribe!

To get all the updates direct to your email!

- BestVoxels -
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Looking forward! 👍😆

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