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2023 Roadmap

To stay on track, I need to have a solid plan on what to do for each period of time, in the big picture for one year I split out those out into milestones. Each milestone consists of several tasks, and all are managed on a sprint-based basis. This year there are 3 major milestones!

Major Milestones

1. Advanced Courses

The first milestone of this year is to finish the remaining courses
  1. Performance and Optimization Course

  2. Unity UIToolKit Course

  3. Ultimate Features & Tools Overview Course

  4. Turn-Based Strategy Course

  5. More C# Advanced topics

~4 months

2. Finalize Game Ideas

The fundamental core idea of Voxel Towns is already there, but still, it needs tons of time and inspiration to finish it up and make it shines. For this reason, I think that this stage would be the most enjoyable one out of all three major milestones for this year by playing a bunch of great titles and analyzing their main mechanics and much more.
~4 months

3. Pre-Production Stage

An initial planning phase of a game development project ting core concepts and writing initial design documents describing the whole game. Adding a pre-production phase cuts the overall production time since it streamlines all processes.
  1. Intended gameplay

  2. Storyboarding, storytelling

  3. Technological capabilities

  4. Monetization

  5. Early prototyping (a rough model of the game without art and details, which makes it possible to evaluate and feel the gameplay)

~4 months

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